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Service Pricing

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Tune-up Pricing

The cost of parts is additional, and varies based on equipment and individual requirements.





Description Shop Labor Cost Ready-to-Mow Labor Rate
Chainsaw $59.95  
Push/Walk Mower $69.95 109.95
Single-Stage Snowthrower $59.95  
2-Stage Snowblower $69.95  
Lawn/Garden Tractors w/ up to 42" deck $139.95 $179.95
Lawn/Garden Tractors w/ 44" to 60" decks $159.95 $199.95
Commercial Walk-Behind $179.95  
Commercial Zero-Turn $199.95  
Compact Tractor w/o deck $169.95  
Compact Tractor w/ deck $199.95  
Gator $149.95  
Mower Deck/Snow Swap $99.95 $119.95
Plow Service $150.00  


Other Repair Prices

The cost of parts is additional, and varies based on equipment and individual requirements.





Service Cost Description
Pick-up & Delivery - Standard $75.00 Standard Pickup & Delivery within 20 miles
Blade/Chain Sharpening - Off Unit $8.00 Sharpen blade or chain - Charged per item
Blade/Chain Sharpening - On Unit $12.00 Sharpen blade or chain - Charged per item
Tire Replacement - Off Unit $10.00 Replace Tire
Tire Replacement - On Unit $20.00 Replace Tire
Pick-up & Delivery - Compact Tractor $95.00 Compact Tractor Pick-up & Delivery within 20 miles
Pick-up & Delivery - One Way $45.00 Pick-up or Delivery - One Way
Hedge Trimmer Sharpening $35.00 Sharpen Hedge Trimmer blades
Hourly Labor Rate $85.00 Hourly Shop Labor Rate
Minimum Diagnostic Fee $50.00 Minimum shop labor charge



Tune-up includes:





Walk Mower, Chainsaw, Blower, or Trimmer Tractors, Gators, and Commercial Mowers
  • Change oil and oil filter if applicable
  • Clean or change air Filter
  • Change spark plug
  • Change fuel filter if applicable
  • Balance and sharpen blades
  • Clean deck top and bottom
  • Check cables and belts
  • Check rpm
  • Check transmission and Pinion gear operation
  • Grease all points
  • Check electric start battery condition
  • check and clean exhaust ports and spark arrestor
  • Inspect recoil rope and operation
  • Change oil and filter
  • Change spark plug
  • Change air filter
  • Change fuel filter
  • Sharpen and balance blades
  • Check belts and pulleys
  • Clean top and bottom of mower deck
  • Level mower deck
  • Clean and check transmission
  • Load test battery and charge if needed
  • Check tires and adjust tire pressure
  • Grease all points
  • Adjust brakes

Shop Labor Rates

Minimum Services Fee  
Consumer Riding Mowers  $97.00
Commercial Mowers  $97.00
Lawnmowers $97.00
Handheld $45.00
Tune Up Service Rates (Click here to see what's included)  
Self Propel Mower $85.99 Plus Parts
Rear Engine Rider $145.99 Plus Parts
Tractor $175.99 Plus Parts
Commercial Walk Behind Mowers $175.99 Plus Parts
Zero Turn Rider $185.99 Plus Parts
Dingo $185.99 Plus Parts
Chain Saws $54.99 Plus Parts
Edgers  $54.99 Plus Parts
String Trimmers $54.99 Plus Parts
Power Blowers $54.99 Plus Parts
Snow Throwers (Single Stage)  $85.99 Plus Parts
Snow Throwers (2-Stage) $119.99 Plus Parts
Sharpening Services  
Blade (Loose) $10.00 
Blade (On Mowers) $20.00
Hedge Trimmer  $2.00/Inch
Chain (Loose)  $10.00
Chain (On Saw)  $20.00


Carburetor Service $64.80 Plus Parts
Carburetor Replacement $43.20 Plus Parts
Fuel System Flush $43.20 Plus Parts
Tire Repair $18.00 Plus Parts
Cable Repair $50.40 Plus Parts
Recoil Rebuild (Loose) $28.80 Plus Parts
Recoil Rebuild (On Engine) $50.40 Plus Parts
Engine Oil Change $18.00 Plus Parts 
Engine Oil Change (With Filter) $21.60 Plus Parts 
Self Propel Belt Replacement $54.00 Plus Parts 
Riding Mower Belt Replacement $72.00 Plus Parts 


  • Change Engine Oil
  • Check or Replace Oil Filter
  • Change Spark Plug
  • Clean ore Replace Air Filter
  • Sharpen and Balance Blade or Replace if needed
  • Clean Out Grass Build up from Cutter Housing
  • Adjust Valves
  • Set Engine RPMs
  • Drain Fuel System and Clean Float Bowl
  • Add Fuel Stabilized and Conditioner to Fuel System
  • Adjust and Lube Cables, Check Operation
  • Clean and Lube Drive Ratchets, Replace if needed
  • Check and Adjust Belts and Spring Tension
  • Check and Lubricate Wheel Bearings
  • Inspect Condition and lighten Nuts Bolts and Fasteners
  • Check Recoil Rope Condition, Replace if needed
  • Check Charging System, Battery Condition and Starter Operation
  • Power Wash Unit
  • Final Operation/Safety Check

Financing For Your Needs:

Hobby Tractors has Tractor Financing.

Choose the Option that will work best for you.

Hobby Tractors offers to qualified customers the financing on-site retail financing through Wells Fargo and Mahindra Financing, and independent, outside lenders. Or, if you prefer, choose your own retail financing. Either way, you can rest assured we have your best interests in mind. This is because we don’t make any money off your choice of financing. We are here to offer financing for your convenience.

“O% Financing” & “Instant Rebate Discount” Are some Options for your Choice.

Branson & Mahindra Tractor Company offers a few options of financing to meet the needs of our customers including “0% Financing” for up to 84 months and an “Instant Cash Rebate Discount” option with standard financing rates or Low Interest.

While 0% financing may sound attractive, using our Instant Cash Rebate Discount and standard rate financing or using your own source of financing, may be more advantageous for you. By opting for the Instant Cash Rebate Discount in lieu of the 0% financing, you can lower your purchase price, lower the amount being financed, lower the amount of any applicable sales tax and lower the cost of insurance. By financing a significantly lower amount, your monthly payments can actually be lower. And your early payoff balance can be significantly less.

Look at the Bottom Line. Compare Drive-Out Prices and Monthly Payments

So, when shopping for your tractor and equipment, make sure to get all the information and look at the bottom line. Make sure you add in:

   The sales price of the tractor

   The cost of extra features needed to outfit your tractor

   The cost of attachments

   The amount of your down payment

   All document and other fees including sales tax amount, insurance cost (if adding through the lender), the amount financed, interest rate, term and the monthly payment




 Welcome to Summer, we are here for your needs.
Welcome to our website, a little bit about us here at Hobby Tractors. People always asks us what is a Hobby Tractor?.

Our answers are always the same, we have tractors from 22 horsepower up 105 horse power, we are also in the lawn and

garden business, we carry the Bad Boy Mower line. Along with being a Echo and Shindaiwa equipment line. And let's not forget

we are a Gold Tine Dealer for Mantis Tillers. We know you can go to the Box stores and get some of the same products,

Here is the Kicker! They don't and won't and can't fix it. That is the real differences.

So what does it all mean? We are here to help both the Commercial Customers and the

Home owners.

We are a Family Business of 37 years. We are here to help you with all of your needs.

* Mahindra has made it Easy, with Mahindra Financing!

* Branson easy financing is available for your needs!

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