Service Cost



Shop Labor Rates $97.00/Hr
Minimum Services Fee
Consumer Riding Mowers $97.00
Commercial Mowers $97.00
Lawnmowers $97.00
Handheld $97.00
Tune Up Service Rates
Self Propel Mower $85.00 Plus Parts
Rear Engine Rider $145.00 Plus Parts
Tractor $175.00 Plus Parts
Commercial Walk Behind Mowers $175.00 Plus Parts
Zero Turn Rider $185.00 Plus Parts
Edgers 55.00 Plus Parts
String Trimmers $55.00 Plus Parts
Power Blowers $55.00 Plus Parts
Snow Throwers (Single Stage) $97.00 Plus Parts
Snow Throwers (2-Stage) $119.99 Plus Parts
Sharpening Services
Blade (Loose) $8.00
Blade (On Mowers) $15.00
Hedge Trimmer $10.00
Carburetor Service $97.00 Plus Parts
Carburetor Replacement $97.00Plus Parts
Fuel System Flush $97.00 Plus Parts
Tire Repair $18.00 Plus Parts
Engine Oil Change $20.00 Plus Parts
Engine Oil Change (With Filter) $25.00 Plus Parts
Self Propel Belt Replacement $54.00 Plus Parts
Riding Mower Belt Replacement $72.00 Plus Parts
What is included in Tune Up Service:
  • Change Engine Oil
  • Check or Replace Oil Filter
  • Change Spark Plug
  • Clean or Replace Air Filter
  • Sharpen and Balance Blade or Replace if needed
  • Clean Out Grass Build up from Cutter Housing
  • Adjust Valves
  • Set Engine RPMs
  • Drain Fuel System and Clean Float Bowl
  • Add Fuel Stabilized and Conditioner to Fuel System
  • Adjust and Lube Cables, Check Operation
  • Clean and Lube Drive Ratchets, Replace if needed
  • Check and Adjust Belts and Spring Tension
  • Check and Lubricate Wheel Bearings
  • Inspect Condition and lighten Nuts Bolts and Fasteners
  • Check Recoil Rope Condition, Replace if needed
  • Check Charging System, Battery Condition and Starter Operation
  • Power Wash Unit
  • Final Operation/Safety Check